Let’s move on to the sustainable
future of container shipping together.

Vol.3 in Dejima

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Possible for a day trip from Tokyo.

Let’s move on to
the sustainable
future of container
shipping together.

Nagasaki Dejima
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ひらけ、コンテナ。 open container!

Through container shipping,
we keep the world moving.

Drinks, clothes, furniture, building materials.
We often don't think about it, but many of
the things surrounding us are transported
by container vessels.

The disruption of the global logistics caused
by the pandemic has made us realize the importance
of the supply chain and its impact on our lives.
But infectious diseases are not
the only potential risk.
Geopolitical tension and
global climate change are also
adding complexity to
the environment surrounding
the shipping industry.

In response to these challenging situations,
the container shipping industry is going through
a series of innovations to ensure delivery of goods.
Utilizing AI and IoT for digital transformation.
Implementing carbon reduction measures
to achieve sustainability.
Developing the next generation of maritime talent.

These initiatives bring people across different
industries and backgrounds to work together.
And its impact should extend far beyond the shipping
industry to benefit the lives of many
and contribute to the future of the world.

To embody our belief,
Ocean Network Express hosts
Container Shipping Summits
inviting industry leaders, academic experts,
and key stakeholders.

Join us in unlocking the potential of
the industry for a brighter future.

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vol.02 in Singapore

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Group A
Examining Next-Generation Fuels:
Trends, Risks & Safety Culture
Group B
Decarbonizing Maritime Supply Chain:
An Ecosystem Development Approach
Group C
Nurturing Tomorrow's Maritime Leaders:
Talent & Development Strategies




Guest of Honor speech

ONE Presentation

Self Introduction

Lunch / Dejima Tour

Breakout Session 1


Breakout Session 2


Presentation by each Groups

Closing / Photo Taking