Let’s move on to the sustainable
future of container shipping together.

ひらけ、コンテナ。 open container!

Through container shipping,
we keep the world moving.

Drinks, clothes, furniture
and building materials. We don't usually think about it,
but we are all surrounded by things that have
been transported by container vessels.
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and
the subsequent global logistics
disruption, many people are now aware
of the importance of the supply chain and
its direct impact on worldwide social and
economic infrastructure.

Infectious diseases are not the only problem
which can frustrate the supply
chain. Tensions in international
affairs as well as global climate change add to
the complexities’ surrounding container shipping.
Container shipping is becoming increasingly
complex in this modern era.

To prevail over such changing circumstances,
container shipping must refine its technology.
Working on digital transformations and
engineering technologies to achieve industry
objectives such as decarbonization and
combating climate change,
is not a benefit for container shipping lines,
or the chosen few, but for the lives
of people everywhere and the future of
our beloved planet.

Ocean Network Express believes
that we can be the bridge between Singapore,
Japan, and the rest of the world,
working with industry leaders, academia, and
other stakeholders.
It is our objective to organize specific events for
the industry, to come together and
address wide ranging issues affecting
the sustainability of the supply chain and
the global community and jointly find a resolution.

Together with all participants,
our aim is to reveal the potential of
the container industry and its contribution to society.
Why don't you join us and help to
create a positive change in the world?

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